Alleviate Orthopaedic Concerns With ExâCell

Alleviate Orthopaedic Concerns With ExâCell

Many people will experience orthopaedic problems, especially knee issues, in their lifetime. This could be due to job demands, sporting injuries or even ageing. According to the Malaysian Journal of Medical and Health Sciences, knee-joint issues in Malaysia are more common in adults aged 40 above, and affect an estimated 10% to 20% of the elderly population.

Today, regenerative medicine has become a popular alternative in treating knee-related issues. Cell-based therapies, in particular, have gained a lot of attention in recent times as scientists and medical professionals discover its extraordinary potential to treat a range of diseases and injuries. 

This is why Danai Medi-Wellness has chosen to offer ExâCell, a stem cell therapy using Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), which aids in optimising your overall wellbeing. MSCs have the natural ability to be manipulated into different cells such as muscle, skin, bone and also blood cells. This hastens cell regeneration and facilitates a speedier recovery. 

Furthermore, ExâCell is completely risk-free, guaranteeing that there will not be any chance of rejection occurring. This is because the MSCs are genetically neutral as they are sourced from the centre part of umbilical cord tissue and do not contain any DNA tracings. This means that the cells are highly compatible and can be manipulated to form young cells that are compatible with what your body needs. 

In fact, MSC treatments are a huge success in the medical field primarily because of the cells’ ability to self-renew and differentiate. Common orthopaedic disorders like knee-joint issues can be treated effectively and efficiently using ExâCell. This is because MSCs can speed up bone regainment and tissue mending, among others. As MSCs have the natural ability to differentiate into a variety of cells, this therapy will aid in the recovery of skeletal muscles as well. 

Knee orthopaedic concerns may never be totally avoided as they are normally part and parcel of the wear and tear that happens with life and ageing. However, you can always take measures to prevent or alleviate these issues. 

Bid goodbye to your knee orthopaedic concerns. Get in touch with Danai Medi-Wellness to see what ExâCell can do for you  today.  

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