Reversing Visible Signs of Ageing with Stem Cells

Reversing Visible Signs of Ageing with Stem Cells

The quantity of stem cells produced in humans declines with age, reaching only 40% at age 40. This continues to decline steadily to only about 25% by the time a person reaches the age of 60. By the time they are 70 years old, the quantity of stem cells they produce will reach a low of 5%.

Typical indications of ageing are:

  • Distorted vision
  • Distorted hearing
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Bone density decline
  • Immune system dysfunction 
  • Reduced mental capacity
  • Decreased metabolic efficiency
  • Loss of power
  • Hair loss 
  • Reduced mobility and balance

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials that have the ability to develop into any type of cell in the body. They are capable of endless division and reproduction, making them a viable treatment for slowing down the ageing process. Many researches have demonstrated that stem cells can repair damaged tissues, lessen inflammation and enhance cellular function generally, all of which may lessen the appearance of ageing.

For example, stem cells can boost the production of collagen, a protein that provides skin its flexibility and strength, and may have anti-ageing effects on the skin. Furthermore, stem cells can alter the immune system, which could assist in maintaining our general health and wellbeing as we age. 

While additional study is required to completely understand stem cells’ capacity to reverse ageing, preliminary findings are encouraging and imply that stem cells may be crucial in the fight against ageing. 

A division of the DANAI Group, Danai Medi-Wellness is at the forefront of advocating for general health and wellbeing to raise one’s quality of life. One way we do this is via our ExâCell Stem Cell Therapy offerings. One of them utilises Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). These have the natural ability to be manipulated into different cells such as muscle, skin, bone and also blood cells, and can hasten cell regeneration and prompt speedy recovery. 

Another  ExâCell option utilises  exosomes and is the newest frontier in cellular regeneration techniques. Exosome therapy can enhance cellular communication, lessen inflammation, promote cell regeneration and alter an unhealthy body’s immune response.

To find out what we can do for you, get in touch with us and discover how our ExâCell Stem Cell Therapy can help you regain your youthful vigour.

Life expectancy worldwide has risen over the centuries, brought upon by improvements in various settings and environments. Equally important is the global population’s focus on better sustenance of wellbeing. The pandemic outbreaks in the past few decades, including, of course, COVID-19, further underscore the importance of wellbeing.

According to a study from the British Department of Health, sufficient wellbeing could add between four and 10 years to one’s life. If you are at an advanced age, improved wellbeing brings about noticeable benefits, such as decreasing mortality and faster recovery from wounds and illnesses.

Having said that, I understand that maintaining your wellbeing may be easier said than done. Lifestyles have become increasingly hectic and sedentary, with unhealthy routines leaving us susceptible to non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses.

Taking care of your wellbeing might not be your first priority in this fast-paced world, but you could consider instilling some simple yet healthy practices in your daily life. Here are a few of my favourites.

1. Exercise consistently

Are stress and anxiety clouding your mind? Try going for a run. While exercising in itself won’t magically eliminate stress, physical activity helps induce the production of more endorphins in your body. This triggers happier emotions and reduced perception of pain.

2. Get adequate sleep

Sleep is often neglected, yet essential for physical health. Internal organs are hard at work while you are asleep, promoting cellular repair of your immune system, and regulating hormones and your cardiovascular health.

Conversely, sleep deprivation has long been identified as a factor contributing to impaired learning, judgement and problem-solving abilities during the day.

3. Make spa sessions a routine

Alternatively, you could plan regular trips to the spa! Not only will a dip in the warm water soothe muscular tension and consequently improve mental health, it also helps moisturise and exfoliate your skin, giving your body a healthier sheen.

In addition, a massage session increases the bodily production of ‘happy’ hormones such as serotonin and dopamine which, in turn, promote better sleep.

4. Give yourself a sprucing

Never underestimate the importance of the self-confidence that comes from a well-groomed appearance. I know that I am in a much more confident state of mind with a proper skin and hair care routine. 

In fact, there are many studies that show how appearance can affect one’s state of mind and, subsequently, their wellbeing. According to one such study by Marianne LaFrance from Yale University, messy hair could decrease performance and self-esteem, and increase social insecurity. So go ahead and give yourself the TLC you deserve.

5. Eat right

As they say, we are what we eat. However, the food we consume every day may not give us all the nutrients we actually need to thrive. 

In the long run, nutrient deficiency could affect our bodily functions and immune systems. This is where personalised supplements can play a critical role in filling nutrient gaps and giving your body what it needs.

Unsure of where to start? Here at DANAI, your wellness is of utmost importance. We have an array of offerings, including spa, hair and skin care packages, and personalised supplement plans to assist you on your path to living healthier and longer. Find out more at

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