ExaCell At Danai Medi-Wellness

ExaCell At Danai Medi-Wellness

In a world where new diseases are proliferating, an individual’s holistic wellbeing has become a necessary luxury. Realising this, DANAI focuses on providing holistic wellness services that encompass three key areas, i.e. preventive health, weight release and anti-ageing & aesthetics.  

Though our body is made up of trillions of cells, these cells lose their ability to replenish and heal as we age. However, it is scientifically possible to reverse the effects of ageing and mitigate risks of diseases with stem cell therapy.

ExaCell is a stem cell therapy offered by Danai Medi-Wellness that can be an important tool in optimising your wellbeing. It utilises Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), which have the natural ability to be manipulated into different cells such as muscle, skin, bone and also blood cells. This hastens cell regeneration and prompts speedy recovery. 

ExaCell is completely risk-free. There will not be any form of rejection by your body as the MSCs are sourced from umbilical cords that do not contain any DNA. This means that the cells can be manipulated to form young cells that are compatible with your body. 

On top of that, ExaCell stands at the forefront in slowing down the ageing process. This therapy is known to relieve joint discomfort and enhance your breathing capacity. Hence, individuals who undergo this treatment will be able to lead an active lifestyle regardless of their age. Besides that, this therapy is also proven to improve cardiac health by strengthening cardiac muscles, allowing your heart to pump blood more efficiently. 

Apart from medical benefits, this therapy is also useful in slowing down the skin’s ageing process. Thanks to MSCs’ ability to differentiate into various cells, they can easily regenerate skin cells. This will help in reducing wrinkles and saggy skin to give you a more youthful radiance.

Your body acts as the vessel of your holistic wellbeing, so always remember to give it the care it deserves. Book your appointment with the pioneers of holistic wellness services. Visit Danai Medi-Wellness now!

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