What Can ExâGene Tell You About Your Health?

What Can ExâGene Tell You About Your Health?

Are you at risk of getting diabetes, heart disease or even cancer?

Your genes are the basic building blocks that you inherit from your parents. Studies show that nearly 40 percent of all diseases are caused by genetics. 

While previously, it would have been impossible to know what genetic diseases you might be susceptible to, now you can find out with ExâGene, a comprehensive DNA Lifestyle Genetic Test that reveals your unique genetic makeup as well as providing various insights into your health condition.

Why do I need ExâGene?

In recent times, the rate of being diagnosed with inheritable diseases like diabetes, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar has increased rapidly in Malaysia. 

A DNA Lifestyle Genetic Test can let you know in advance whether you have a higher risk of developing up to 39 common diseases. Apart from that, you will also get comprehensive insights into aspects like:

(i) Diet & Nutrition 

(ii) Wellness & Fitness 

(iii) Skin Care 

(iv)Drug Sensitivity 

(vi) Mental Health & Personal Traits 

and more

99.9% Test Result Accuracy Rate 

Yes, you read that right. The test results are guaranteed to be 99.9% accurate because we follow stringent procedures in an internationally accredited laboratory. Moreover, our analyses are backed by extensive studies undertaken by world-renowned scientists and research institutes, revealing the link between your genetic makeup and your nutrition and fitness response. This allows you to make simple lifestyle adjustments easily.  

How is the test taken?

All we need is your saliva sample or  the inner cheek skin cells (for children only) to obtain the DNA information for the test. 

Understand your body better and uncover the secrets of your DNA so you can take the right steps towards a healthier you. Begin your personalised nutrition and wellness journey with ExâGene. Make your appointment here. https://danaimediwellness.com/contact-us!

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