Increase Your Immunity Against COVID-19 with Stem Cell Therapy and ECP

Increase Your Immunity Against COVID-19 with Stem Cell Therapy and ECP

The COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia has propelled reforms in a number of areas, including healthcare, education, economics, business effectiveness and social activities. Despite this, people continue to have difficulties in combating the coronavirus’s harmful effects. As the world gears up to enter the endemic phase, individuals are becoming even more determined to protect themselves against the virus while they go about their daily lives.

In line with the goal of optimising health, Danai Medi-Wellness is dedicated to upholding wellness as a holistic concept with three primary areas of focus: Preventive Health, Weight Release Management and Anti-Ageing Aesthetics. In promoting Preventive Health in particular, we are aligned with the saying “Prevention is better than cure”, and are at the forefront of facilitating one’s overall health and wellbeing to improve their quality of life. 

Our immune system is a formidable weapon to fight against various infections, including COVID-19. As such, it is essential to give it the boost it needs to do so effectively. Among the services offered at Danai Medi-Wellness that can help to boost the immune system are ExaCell, a stem cell therapy that has proved to be successful in modulating the immune system, and External Counter Pulsation (ECP), which enhances the overall blood circulation and may encourage immunity against the COVID-19 virus.

Stem cells are primitive cells that have the ability to self-renew and differentiate into multiple cell lineages, allowing them to become specialised range of functional cells ultimately. This makes them an invaluable player in the field of regenerative medicine. 

Consequently, stem cell therapy entails culturing these new cells to differentiate and transplant  them to specified parts of the body in place of damaged or diseased cells, while restoring and enhancing body functions, including the immune system. 

ECP treatment, on the other hand, is a non-invasive, non-surgical outpatient treatment that works in tandem with your heart to increase blood circulation to the body’s organs, promoting heart health, reducing headaches and body pain, and reducing adverse risks that one may develop if infected by the COVID-19 virus. In fact, as COVID-19 impacts the blood vessels of the lungs, ECP can play an instrumental role in reducing the severity of the disease. 

Furthermore, angina and chest pain caused by coronary artery disease can be reduced and enhanced with ECP. Patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, edema, chronic fatigue, impotence and obesity can all benefit from ECP. This treatment is also used to promote longevity, improve athletic performance and help the patient feel better overall, which are key to optimising the immune system. 

At Danai Medi-Wellness, we have our fingers on the pulse of important and effective discoveries and breakthroughs, allowing us to provide our patients with the latest and most innovative preventive health therapies. Now is your chance to live a healthy life. Make an appointment with us, and we’ll guide you based on your health needs!

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