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Patients of the clinic are provided with a full range of medical wellness services.

External Counter Pulsation (ECP)

The External Counter Pulsation (ECP) treatment is approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and FDA. It is a natural, non-invasive, and non-surgical outpatient treatment that works in harmony with your heart and is able to improve blood circulation to your heart muscle.

The ECP treatment helps to minimise or eliminate angina and chest pain resulting from coronary artery disease.

ECP is also beneficial for diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, edema, chronic fatigue, impotence, and obesity. It is also being used for longevity, enhanced sports performance for athletes, and overall wellbeing. ECP improves circulation to all of the organs of the body.

The ECP treatment is administered through three pairs of external inflatable cuffs that are applied around the lower legs, upper legs, and buttocks.

These cuffs continuously inflate and deflate between the resting period of the heartbeat and increase blood returned to the heart.

Stem Cell Therapy

The umbilical cord that connects the baby to the mother while in the womb is loaded with stem cells.

Umbilical cord blood actually is a better source for these supercells that can stimulate healing and help to create new tissue.

The fluid is easy to collect and has 10 times more stem cells than that collected from bone marrow.

Stem cells from cord blood rarely carry any infectious diseases and are half as likely to be rejected as adult stem cells.

Our Stem Cell Therapy aims to replace unhealthy cells with healthy cells to repair damaged knees, hips, and joints – or even treat diseases.

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