Personal Wellness: The Most Neglected Aspect Of Health Maintenance

Personal Wellness: The Most Neglected Aspect Of Health Maintenance

Wellbeing is not just the absence of disease or illness. Personal wellness means being physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually healthy.

It is something most people don’t usually pay attention to until it takes a noticeable turn for the worse. By that point, you’re typically dealing with serious physical, mental or emotional setbacks that demand significant modifications to your way of living. 

Hence, this article will help you understand the negative effects and how you can maintain personal wellness.

If you find yourself frequently neglecting your personal wellbeing, take a look at some of the negative effects this could have on your life.

  1. Sleep-related Problems

Your body begins to suffer almost immediately when you don’t get enough sleep. Poor skin quality, dark bags under your eyes, fine wrinkles and facial puffiness are all visible symptoms. 

Serious health issues like heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes have also been connected to chronic sleep loss. Your mind and body need time to unwind and recharge in order to get good sleep. Your cardiovascular system gets a break at this period as your blood pressure and heart rate slow down. 

  1. Depression

Constant stress can cause depression or make it worse. Depression is a challenging cycle because it keeps you in a state of helplessness and low morale. 

  1. Relationship Issues

Neglecting your own needs makes it easier for stress to enter your personal life and for feelings of anxiety, dread and wrath to fester. Little things like little comments, modest setbacks or perceived slights might push you over the brink when you already feel overextended. This might quickly result in outbursts when you say something you later regret, sobbing in front of coworkers or internalising your bad feelings.

Wellness is commonly viewed as having seven dimensions. Each aspect influences and overlaps the others, and each contributes to our individual feeling of wellness or quality of life.

  • Physical 

Physical wellness includes a range of good habits, such as getting enough exercise, eating a balanced diet, getting regular medical checkups and abstaining from vices like drug and alcohol misuse. 

By forming such healthy behaviours, you will not only live longer but also enjoy a better quality of life during those years.

  • Emotional

To be emotionally healthy, one must be able to experience and express common human emotions like happiness, sadness and rage. Optimism, self-worth, self-acceptance and the capacity to express emotions are all parts of emotional wellness.

  • Intellectual

The intellectual dimension promotes imaginative, mentally engaging activities. Similar to how our bodies require inspiration and exercise on a regular basis, so must our minds. 

A high level of intellectual wellbeing is characterised by an active mind and a desire to learn new things. 

  • Social

Respecting oneself and others is an important aspect of social wellness. A sense of belonging is created by making contributions to your community and the wider world.

  • Spiritual

Possessing a set of guiding principles, values or beliefs that give one’s life direction is a necessary component of spiritual wellness. It entails having a strong feeling of faith, hope and devotion to your personal beliefs, which give life meaning and purpose. 

  • Environmental

Environmental wellbeing is a consciousness of the ephemeral nature of the planet and the impact of your daily actions on the natural world. 

It involves maintaining a lifestyle that emphasises harmony with the land and minimises environmental harm. 

  • Occupational

To find meaning, enjoyment and richness in your life, you must prepare for and employ your strengths, skills and talents through occupational/vocational wellness. 

Having a job that is both satisfying and rewarding is what is meant by occupational wellbeing.

To attain wellbeing, a healthy lifestyle balances all these factors. Your short-term and long-term health will be impacted by your choices and decisions. It is important to take into account your overall personal wellness in order to increase the potential for success in your life and get the greatest benefit out of it. At Danai, we believe every individual should pursue wellness in order to withstand stress, reduce disease risk and ensure positive interactions. Find out how you can do this with our range of Medical Wellness and Wellness offerings.

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