The Insights of Personalised Supplements Plan

The Insights of Personalised Supplements Plan

These are challenging times, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing uncertainties regarding the economy, employment, finances and relationships as well as one’s own wellbeing. Many of us are becoming more health-conscious and ramping up our health routines as a result. 

Just as we are all unique beings, so too are our dietary and nutritional requirements. This is where a personalised supplement regime will help. Personalising supplement regimes gives us better control over our health and wellbeing, moving away from off-the-counter one-size-fits-all approaches to one that targets our own specific needs. With only a few clicks and a saliva swab, you will be on your way to receiving vitamins tailored to your very own metabolism, genetics and environment.  

A truly personalised plan

Usually, a doctor or personalised nutritionist will guide you through the whole process. First, you will consult with a doctor to give them a better understanding of your lifestyle and health. Next is a wellness assessment, including a comprehensive blood test and DNA test.

These tests are able to show the nutrigenomics — “nutri” for nutrition, “genomics” for the study of genes to understand one’s underlying predispositions. The results enable doctors to create a personalised programme that incorporates a variety of vitamins and addresses potential deficiencies.

So, how do personalised supplements work?

The key aim of personalised supplements is to prevent diseases. For example, Type 2 Diabetes can be avoided by improving one’s diet. In such a circumstance, a genetic test will reveal the individual’s predisposition to diabetes and provide instrumental data to allow for the proper supplement recommendations and products for preventing the disease.

The Takeaway

Personalised supplements are based on your lifestyle, as well as the vitamins and minerals that your body actually needs. However, as with everything, before deciding on your personalised supplement plan, make sure that you fully understand what you are signing up for.  

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