The Perfect Face Sculpting

The Perfect Face Sculpting

Did you know that we subconsciously judge the beauty of a person by their face proportions?

The Golden Ratio is a guideline used by beauty aestheticians in all face sculpting treatments to mark ideal proportions on a patient’s face. Few people are born with golden ratio facial proportions, but with the help of beauty aesthetics, many can achieve them.

The Golden Ratio is measured based on the distance from the top of the nose to the centre of the lips, from the hairline to the upper eyelid and the ratio between upper and lower lips. Prominent artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci, used this ratio of 1 : 1.618 to sketch his well-known painting of the Mona Lisa.

With that in mind, Danai Medi-Wellness provides a perfect face sculpting treatment by certified medical doctor, Dr. Sean Tan, who is also a member of the Ministry of Health’s medical aesthetics board. He is highly skilled at customising the best treatment that matches your face proportions and aesthetic goals.

Perfect Face Sculpting Treatments

Mesolipolysis is a fat reduction procedure targeted at stubborn fat cells. Without any downtime, this procedure instantly reverses ageing and gives your face the perfect sculpt. Not to worry because mesolipolysis is a safe clinical procedure with less to zero risk of infections.

If wrinkle-free complexion is your preference, botox is here to help. At Danai Medi-Wellness, botox imported from the USA not only treats existing fine lines and wrinkles but it also efficiently reshapes face.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have shined spotlight on fillers. If you are looking for instant plump and face-lift without going under the knife, fillers are your to-go. Doctors at Danai Medi-Wellness are field experts in picking the right filler that best fits your face shape.

Face sculpting improves the modulation of the face resulting in improvement of facial appearances. So wait no more, get your face sculpted perfectly at Danai Medi-Wellness today!

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