The Possibilities To Retain Youth

The Possibilities To Retain Youth

Ageing: An Age-Old Predicament 

Ageing is a gradual and continuous biological transformation that occurs at the cellular level, ultimately leading to organ deterioration and deficiency diseases such as amnesia, hearing loss, arthritis, chronic inflammation, asthma, and heart disease. While lifestyle and environmental factors may greatly influence the ageing process, nobody really knows why it happens. 

Some popular theories, like the immunologic theory, inflammation theory, and mitochondrial theory include inflammation as part of the cause of ageing process. Inflammation is an essential defence for fighting off or repairing damage caused by foreign agents; however, many scientists believe that chronic inflammation may be the underlying cause of age-related deterioration and disease. 

Nevertheless, even though the search for the elusive Fountain of Youth has proven futile thus far, researchers have managed to find numerous ways to slow down the ageing process via various anti-ageing treatments that include stem cell treatments and personalised supplements.  

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the regenerative building blocks in our body which have the ability to turn themselves into any cells in the body as long as they are needed. Hence, they could be considered a backup system for the living organism to replace damaged tissue or worn-out cells.  

However, as humans age, the number of stem cells produced will decrease, dropping to 40% of the original amount at 40 years old. At the age of 60, the stem cell population in the body will gradually reduce to 25%. By the time a person reaches 70 years old, their body’s production of stem cells will only be at 5%.  

Stem cell therapy generally involves harvesting stem cells from the owner. These are then enhanced and manipulated in the laboratory, before being re-injected back into the body of the owner. As one age, stem cell treatments can help to replenish the missing or reduced stem cells in the body, boosting the cellular productivity in the body to produce more ‘new cells’ that can replace the old cells. 

Personalised Supplements 

Over the years, scientists have identified various substances that can play a role in slowing down the ageing process. For example, Vitamin C and Vitamin E help to reverse photo damage caused by ultraviolet rays; epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which can be found in green tea, is well known for its ability to promote longevity and protect against the development of age-related disease; and collagen can reduce the appearance of ageing skin. 

Personalised supplements offer a targeted approach to meeting the different micronutrient needs of each individual. All it takes is blood samples for DNA testing to find out what that very person’s body actually requires. Scientists will then formulate a complete supplement with all the nutrients that the individual needs to refuel and facilitate the regeneration of the cells and tissues in their bodies.

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