The Revolution Of Supplementation In the Age Of Personalised Supplement

The Revolution Of Supplementation In the Age Of Personalised Supplement

Malaysia is a country with heterogeneous society and a mix of various cultures, resulting in a myriad of traditional foods with distinctive tastes and heritages originating from foreign settlers of diverse backgrounds.

As a food secure country, Malaysian citizens have access to safe and nutritious food at affordable prices. 

However, undernutrition is still considered one of the concerns among Malaysians. The problem lies between what and how people eat every day, as well as food and dietary culture that causes various nutrition issues. The solution to that is to consume the right supplements to fill in the nutrition gap that cannot be derived from foods. 

Off-the-shelf Supplements

Off-the-shelf supplements can be found in many forms such as tablets, capsules, powdered, or liquid and they are easily obtainable from pharmacies and grocery stores. The market for dietary supplements in Malaysia is incredibly huge.

As reported by the Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, the dietary supplement market in Malaysia has advanced from USD 488 million in 2014 to a whopping USD 730 million in 2019. 

The report signifies that Malaysians are remarkably more health conscious since the outbreak of Covid-19 began. However, off-the-shelf supplements are usually designed generically for the mass market. Consuming those supplements could do more harm than benefit if we are unsure of our specific nutritional needs. Furthermore, off-the-shelf supplements may not be suitable for everyone, as the ingredients may cause side effects to certain people. 

Off-the-shelf supplements can also cause health issues in the long term, mainly due to questionable ingredients like preservatives, binding agents, fillers, colourings, flow-lubricants, and maybe even flavourings.

Most importantly, the effects of many off-the-shelf supplements haven’t been tested in children, pregnant women and more, so it is still pretty apprehensive for certain groups of people to consume off-the-shelf supplements. 

Introducing Personalised Supplements

Personalised supplements come in handy as a solution to this problem. They are supplement capsules that are custom blended with genetically personalised formulas based on the specific vitamins and minerals that your body may need more of. The process starts off with a doctor’s consultation, followed by a health screening.

A health report will then be presented along with a comprehensive medical profile and a DNA profile for an in-depth review. Formulated in a registered and accredited manufacturing facility, the personalised supplement will then be formulated in the reference of the DNA test that indicates what the body lacks. 

There will be no need to keep track of nutrient intake as the specially formulated pill contains all the essential nutrients what the person needs.

Most importantly, personalised supplements are made of premium and natural ingredients that are tested by doctors to ensure optimum safety for long-term consumption. 

Personalised supplements have brought convenience and cost effectiveness for people.

Hence, they are able to keep track of their health and wellness while ensuring consumers the best and most suitable nutrients that they need.

For Malaysians who are interested in personalised supplementation, be sure to look into Danai Medi-Wellness for more information. 

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