Your Guide for Better Blood Circulation and a Healthy Heart

Your Guide for Better Blood Circulation and a Healthy Heart

The Department of Statistics Malaysia reported that 17% of the total number of deaths in the country in 2021 was caused by coronary heart disease. That marks a two percent increase compared to 2019. 

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions have seriously impacted our lifestyle, behaviour, and health. Staying at home for a long period of time and physical inactivity have changed our eating and sleeping habits, leading to a lack of cardiorespiratory fitness that may cause many underlying health issues, such as anxiety, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. This may double the risk of heart disease, including coronary heart disease. 

But what is coronary heart disease and how do we prevent it?

Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease, where the coronary arteries of the heart are blocked by cholesterol build-up and are unable to deliver oxygen-rich blood to the heart.

While heart disease can cause life-threatening complications, not all hope is lost with External Counter Pulsation therapy, better known as ECP.  

Take your first step to improved health and wellness with Danai Medi-Wellness.

Danai Medi-Wellness offers a form of ECP treatment, known as ExâVive, to enhance your blood circulation and vascular wellbeing with infinite benefits. Approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and the FDA, ExâVive is greatly beneficial for preventing heart disease and relieving angina symptoms, amongst other health perks.   

This natural, non-invasive and non-surgical outpatient treatment increases oxygen-rich blood throughout the body and produces nitric oxide, helping the body to release inflammation and stress.

The treatment is timed to the rhythm of your heartbeat by pulsating pneumatic cuffs, similar to blood pressure cuffs used by doctors, which are wrapped around your lower legs, upper legs and buttocks.  

The inflation and deflation of the cuffs in sequence with your heartbeat will help to improve the blood circulation from your heart to your body and back. This encourages blood vessels to create new pathways for blood to flow to your heart and increases energy levels which, in turn, lessens fatigue while improving your overall cardiovascular health. 

Individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, oedema, chronic fatigue, impotence, and obesity are known to have improved health after undergoing sessions of ECP therapy. 

COVID-19 patients with long-term symptoms, with or without coronary artery disease, have also shown improvements in recovering from fatigue, breathing difficulties and chest discomfort after receiving 15 – 35 hours of ECP treatment. 

ExâVive does more than just reduce your risk of heart disease.

This relaxing therapy can improve your overall wellbeing, mentally and physically. The oxygen-rich blood-flow treatment enhances the general function of your vital organs from the brain to the kidneys, muscles, and even skin! ExâVive also decreases stress and anxiety that may have been caused by the hassles of daily life.

Don’t just take our word for it. Book your appointment today to say goodbye to an unhealthy heart. Let our experienced team at Danai Medi-Wellness guide you to a healthy post-pandemic life, one heartbeat at a time, with ExâVive. 

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